Septic Tank Selection and Sizing

//Septic Tank Selection and Sizing

Septic Tank Selection and Sizing

When sizing Septic Tanks the industry refers to P or Pe meaning Population Equivalent.

This does not always mean the number of actual persons to be served i.e. 10 People working in an office, is a vastly different to 10 Senior citizens in an Old Peoples Home.

Sizing for Domestic Septic Tanks.

For ‘domestic’ Septic Tank sizing take the Pe x 180 Litres + 2000 Litres.

Example 4 Pe x 180 + 2000 = 2720 Litres. This is the minimum capacity Septic Tank that may be installed on a domestic residence to comply with Building Regulations.

The British Water Document, Flows and Loads – 3 states the following:-

A house with 3 bedrooms = minimum of 5 Pe. Add a further 1 Pe for each additional bedroom i.e. 4 bedrooms = minimum 6 Pe (5+1) 5 bedrooms = minimum 7Pe (5+2)

Synergy Robusta Spherical Septic Tanks are available in the following capacities:-

2800 Litre up to 4   Pe i.e. a 2 bedroom domestic property.

3800 Litre up to 10 Pe i.e. a 8 bedroom Property, or 2 x 3 bedroom Properties.

4600 Litre up to 14 Pe i.e. a 12 bedroom property or 2 x 4 bedroom, or 3 x 3 bedrooms.

Synergy also offers a range of shallow dig Septic Tanks i.e.:-

Synergy Robusta Low Profile Septic Tanks.

These are available in three capacities:-

P4 to serve a 2 x bedroom property
P9 to serve up to a 7 x bedroom property
P16 to serve up to 2 x 4 bedroom + 1 x 3 bedroom properties.

The Robusta Low Profile Septic Tanks are suitable for sites that may have difficult ground conditions, or where access is only available with a Mini Digger for example.

The additional benefits of these tanks is they are suitable for granular backfill surround (Dry sites Only) also they have filtered outlets which further treats the effluent reducing the Suspended Solids content in the final effluent extending both the life, and performance of the soakaway.

All Synergy Robusta Septic Tanks have been independently tested and approved to EN12566-1. Additionally these products are CE marked confirming our commitment and investment in providing a quality product. Synergy the choice of the Professional Installer.

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